Sunday, September 18, 2011

Flatiron gunboat project - Finished!

Somewhere off the African coast, HMS Arthur stands poised to take part in the landings at Yabhouti.
And here she is, the Flatiron gunboat HMS Arthur, complete and rigged-out at last. All that was required to finish her took less than a couple hours - the portholes on the citadel, and the painting of the masts and yards. Finding time these days is not so easy...

The gentlemen of the RAMC are standing in for their nautical counterparts at the con. District Commissioner Carstairs keeps a watchful eye on his fellow passenger, the wily trader Willoughby Pond, who stands by the 30-pounder aft. No doubt he's contemplating some new mischief - but what? 


Colonel O'Truth said...

A fine piece of British Engineering, Sir! You do Queen and Country proud!


Anonymous said...

She looks good now she's finished AJ.

all the best


Martin said...

Yar! She be a stout looking craft. Who'll be the crusty old salt...oops...I mean the experienced sailor, lucky enough to command her on the shake down cruise?

A J said...

TY, Colonel, Ian!

Martin, I've yet to decide who should have the honour of commanding her. At the moment I'm looking at some of Copplestone's excellent Victorian naval officers. Maybe in a few weeks, when I get time. =)


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