Monday, June 20, 2011

Flatiron gunboat project - 4

I've not made a great deal of progress since the previous post, due to a splitting headache brought on by the exceptionally hot and humid weather. I did manage to paint the hull, funnel and masts. Masking tape helps to get a clean line between the white and black areas of the hull. There was a little bit of bleeding where the white paint got under the tape, but this is easily fixed. Next step is to paint the aft gun white and the deck off-white. I'm not quite sure what color to make the foredeck, but I'm inclined to paint it a mid-gray.


Anonymous said...

She's looking very good so far AJ. Would the foredeck have been sheathed in metal to protect the deck timbers from the blast of the main gun? If so then a mid grey as you suggest would great - I first thought white; but that would need a lot of cleaning/repainting to keep her shipshape. Having said that it would keep the crew "amused" - idle hands and all that.
I'm looking forward to seeing her launched.

all the best


A J said...

I think you're right, Ian. Gun blast can cause a lot of damage to unprotected structure, so I'm sure the foredeck would have been plated. I painted her that way. From the photos it appears the only way the crew could access the foredeck was by climbing through the gunport!


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