Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sharp Practice thoughts - Cards 3

Some more Sharp Practice cards today. In keeping with the British Empire theme I used photos of Martini-Henry ammunition, a classic bhisti-wallah for the Water card, and a Victorian illustration of a nettle. All my cards are printed on card-stock and kept inside plastic card protectors. Since these have opaque white backs there's no need to print anything on the reverse side of the cards. 

I have a few more cards to create. At the moment I'm thinking of having one of Queen Victoria (Gawd bless 'er!) in place of the Vive l'Empereur card. In the rules the shortest player in the room gets a bonus move as a Big Man when Vive l'Empereur is drawn. In my version, when the Queen's card is drawn, the first player to say Gawd bless 'er! or The Widder of Windsor gets the same bonus.    


MiniMike said...

I Like your cards a lot. What software do you use to make them?

A J said...

Hi Mike, I use the standard Paint program that comes with Windows. The resize function [CTRL + W] is vital since some images have to be adjusted to fit inside the card.

Martin said...

Hi A.J.!

Had a good laugh about your Queen's card version. So...what would happen if her response was, "We are NOT amused."?


Ali said...

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