Sunday, June 20, 2010

Upcoming project

I've been a bit busy with other non-gaming projects lately, but I've turned my hand to making a palisade for the Daftest Africa campaign I hope to run. The palisade is made of 3 and 2 inch sections of mini-dowels bought from Michael's hobby stores, and will surround the mud huts I made earlier, forming an African village. I tried to take photos of the early stages but, as is the way with digital cameras, the batteries died and need to be replaced. Ho hum. Will post pics when I can.

Another idea I'll attempt one of these days is the British army blockhouse, an example of which is shown under construction in the photo below.

Although these were a feature of the Fourth Boer War, they're too interesting an idea not to use in earlier times. Each typically housed a section, or a platoon of infantry at most, and will be ideal for use as an outpost in any colonial-era game. Watch this space.

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